Assisting people with disabilities and illnesses since 1989
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About Manos Home Care

Manos Home Care's mission is to assist people of all ages to continue living in their homes as they age or experience disabilities.

Manos Home Care began providing home care aide services on October 10 th, 1989, making our agency one of the oldest home care agencies in the East Bay. Our agency has provided personal care and assistance with activities of daily living to seniors 24 hours a day, seven days a week since we began that day. Throughout our history we have led the way in home care by:

  • elder with home care aideBeing one of the first agencies to check home care aides' criminal background
  • Providing one, two, and three-hour visits
  • Creating a one-hour-per-week minimum usage
  • Discounting prices for clients who use large amounts of home care
  • Training our home care aides for three days prior to employment
  • Transporting our clients using our wheelchair-accessible van at low or no cost
  • Sharing additional income we earn with home care aides through our MAC check program
  • Purchasing of groceries for clients using the Internet
  • Including home care aides on our board of directors

Manos Home Care is on call twenty four hours a day; a Manos Home Care administrator is always available to deal with whatever problems may arise during the course of care.

Our adult care pre-employment training program was featured in a national conference on health care sector training. In 2005, executive director Kevin Rath presented our training program and philosophy to health care organizations from around the nation at the National Network of Sectoral Partners’ Heath Care Convening in Chicago 2005.

1992 Manos Home Care started serving families who have children with disabilities through a contract with the Regional Center of the East Bay. We now serve families in both Alameda and Contra Costa Counties, providing crucial break time for parents, guardians, and families who care for children with disabilities.

Our agency is not-for-profit, organized as a Mutual Benefit Corporation. Mutual Benefit Corporations are organized so that 100% of our customer’s revenue is spent on our client’s home care. There are no owners who take money out of the company; every dollar paid by a customer is used to provide quality home care.

Virtually all of the stand-alone home care agencies in the East Bay have closed. Manos Home Care has been able to continue to serve because of the continued commitment to our clients and our ability to maintain quality service over the years.

Manos Home Care was founded through grants from several California Foundations interested in fostering job opportunities for East Bay residents. Several nurses, doctors, job developers, and home care agencies provided technical assistance to Manos Home Care. We have in turn given advice to other startups across the country regarding how to create a home care agency, and how to enter the private pay market.