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Frequently Asked Questions about Our New Case Form

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What is the purpose of this form? To make it easy for case managers to order respite, child care, and home-based adult day care from Manos Home Care.
Do I have to use this form to start a case? If you would rather call Manos Home Care, that’s fine. You can call 510-336-2900.
What if I don’t have all this information? You don’t need to have all the information; just give us what you have, and we can go from there. We will need the phone number and the name of the parent/guardian in order to proceed—if it is in the Annual Review (AR) or the Individual Program Plan (IPP), that’s okay too. You can leave the rest of the fields blank (except for your contact information).
Do I need the IPP and AR? We usually need one of these to start the case; however, we can start working on the case without these documents if you enter in the name of the parent/guardian and their phone number in the Personal Message box of the form.
Do I need the Purchase of Service (POS)? Please provide what you have. If you don’t know any of the information, just select POS Info Unknown.
Does it matter what e-mail address I use? You will have to register your e-mail address if it is not an address (for confidentiality reasons). Please confirm your e-mail address by phone if you use another e-mail address.