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Update My Availability
Please use this form to update your availability.

Accurate availability allows us to contact you for the right clients. If you are only working for a family that referred you to Manos Home Care, call the office: you must go through additional steps before getting another client.
The specific FAQ text for this form is not completed. Please go to the Information section of your page and find the appropriate link for your topic. You can also call 510-336-2900 for more information.
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Fill in your new schedule.
Mark the earliest times you can work in the Start Time slots, and the latest times you can work in the End Time slots. Leave days you can't work blank. Most clients want weekend availability; the more hours you are available, the more likely you will get another client.
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Additional Work
If you have not contacted the office to let us know you want additional work, please go to the Request More Work link in the Action section and fill out the form.
Register Email Address
If you have not registered your email address with Manos Home Care, please call 510-336-2900 so we can keep your email address on file to ensure the confidentiality of your information and your action requests.